Signs you Have a Cavity

Signs you Have a Cavity

Almost all of us have experienced the pain of tooth cavity at least once in our lifetime. In spite of a healthy oral care routine, you somehow tend to end up with a cavity. A cavity is tooth decay that that erodes the tooth enamel and its underlying layers due to the accumulation of bacteria and plaque. When a cavity first develops, you may not feel pain at all. But as it grows, it will give out a few signs and symptoms warning you about a cavity.

Some signs you have a cavity include:


A persistent toothache is often a warning sign of a developing cavity. The damaged tooth keeps hurting most of the time, especially when it comes into contact with something. If you chew on something and feel a sudden pain in the damaged area, it may be caused due to a cavity. The pain may be in the tooth or in the gums below. A cavity can impact the underlying nerves in the tooth and also cause cracks therefore, it is best to see a dentist to avoid any severe in Edmonton.

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