How do you Get a Tooth Cavity?

Edmonton-Cosmetic-DentistA cavity or tooth decay is a problem we all have at some point. It is the accumulation of bacteria and plaque that erodes the protective enamel and leads to tooth decay. The symptoms of a cavity may not be felt unless it starts growing into a serious issue. An untreated cavity can invite severe dental issues that may also result in tooth loss. Knowing what causes a cavity can be helpful in avoiding these dental issues. As kids, we were often asked not to eat too many sweets and also brush twice a day to avoid cavity. But cavity is caused by several other reasons that may be beyond our knowledge.

Poor Oral Health

Oral hygiene includes brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and using a mouthwash. Poor oral hygiene is an invitation to cavity formation. Brushing twice a day and for at least two minutes is essential to prevent plaque accumulation. Our mouth comprises of tongue, roof or the mouth and area near the throat. Brushing and flossing may not be able to reach and eliminate bacteria from such areas. Hence, tongue cleaning and rinsing with a mouthwash is important to keep your mouth clean.

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