Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


Wisdom teeth are a pair of two molars which generally grows between the age of 18-25. When you get a wisdom tooth, it is usually accompanied with pain and in some cases, it can cause sinus problems and infections too! As a result, you may have to get your wisdom teeth removed. Here’s a list of wisdom tooth problems which indicate that you may have to remove it in order to prevent future dental complications.

Shifts Teeth

Wisdom teeth make their way in your mouth after the age of 18. However, by the age of 18, your gums are already crowded! The wisdom teeth erupt from the gum, it pushed aside enrooted teeth to make a place for itself. Hence, it disturbs the alignment of all your existing teeth. So, if your teeth are misaligned, then you may have to consider getting your wisdom tooth extracted.

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