Should you Get Invisalign?


Gone are the days when brace clad high school kids were the norm and nobody would bat an eyelid if they saw braces on tweens. If you had crooked teeth that needed to be fixed, you got metal braces. Metal braces comes with several disadvantages such as:

They’re quite visible

You are required to change your diet because eating certain foods with braces is troublesome

This is when Invisalign comes in. A decade ago what could have been corrected with Metal braces and probably surgery (in extreme cases) can now be fixed with Invisalign. This treatment straightens teeth by using a series of custom made aligners (aka retainers) made of clear plastic, so they are invisible, to help you get that toothpaste ad worthy smile!

High school kids, teens and even 20-somethings are now opting for Invisalign to straighten out their teeth and to get the near-perfect smile. Invisalign being transparent, where you almost cannot detect the braces makes it their top choice!

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